Axis Communications is an industry-leading security company that provides video surveillance and security solutions for businesses. They are a global solution provider that specializes in network-based video cameras. Many companies are using Axis cameras to help protect their property.

Axis offers a broad selection of products. Their security cameras are ideal for businesses of all sizes, including small retail locations to large warehouses. In our experience, Axis offers some of the best security cameras on the market which can be found in the list below.


Axis Cameras Overview

Axis has a large family of high-end commercial network camera systems designed to monitor public spaces 24 hours a day. Axis products are the global standard in video management systems, including analog, digital, and HDTV video technology. These cameras are ideal for businesses and commercial applications.

Axis camera models include fixed dome, fixed box, fixed bullet, panoramic, and PTZ options. Camera selection depends on camera features, installation site conditions, and cost considerations. These cameras are available in different image quality options.

1. Axis Fixed Dome Cameras

Axis fixed dome cameras are some of the most common types of Axis network camera systems. They are very compact cameras, which means they are easy to install. Fixed dome cameras have manual pan/tilt capabilities; however, the camera position is set during installation. Fixed dome cameras provide a nice, wide view that is great for monitoring large areas.

Fixed Dome cameras originally came out as an analog model. They now come with HDTV 1080p resolution and are compatible with Axis’ Zipstream technology. The dome casings are made of heavy metal, which protects the lens from defocusing while the camera is in use.

Fixed Dome Cameras by Axis

Fixed Dome Cameras are available in different variants. The 360° wide-angle protects your property in every direction. Fixed dome cameras work well in any weather condition. The built-in infrared LED and night modes make these cameras suitable for daytime and night surveillance.

Fixed Dome cameras are great for high-security areas such as banks, airports, or retail stores. You can easily monitor your entire business without moving the camera around to look for suspicious activity. You can also install these cameras on big building sites due to the weather-resistant dome casing’s ability to shield them from inclement weather.

2. Axis Fixed Box Cameras

Fixed Boxed Cameras by Axis

Axis fixed box cameras are another popular format of Axis network camera systems. These cameras offer good video quality and a wide field of view. These have more traditional form factors with an enclosure around the lens and infrared LEDs on top for night vision capability.

Fixed box cameras have a fixed angle of view. The fixed angle of view records only the area in front of the camera, so it will only record what is right in front of your property. Fixed Box Cameras are available in a variety of configurations. You can often find them indoors; however, they can be used outside with special housing to protect the camera from the elements.

These cameras have an all-metal casing, making them perfect for outdoor installation on buildings or poles. You can also find these kinds of cameras with audio capabilities, which could come in handy if you’re using them as part of an intercom system or something similar. The design of these cameras is also unique and can be used on any type of building.

The most common places for fixed box cameras include large outdoor parking lots, schools, logistics and warehouses with large outdoor parking lots.

 Fixed bullet cameras have higher resolution than fixed dome cameras,
which means more detailed images when people walk close enough to your property.

3. Axis Fixed Bullet Camera

Axis fixed bullet cameras are another popular format of Axis network camera systems. A fixed bullet camera is ideal for monitoring an area with specific requirements, such as the corners or difficult angles. Fixed bullet cameras can easily rotate up and down at a 90° angle rotation axis for optimal viewing capabilities. The built-in infrared LEDs provide good night vision coverage up to 25 meters away at the centre of the view angle. Axis fixed bullet cameras have a fully weatherproof design, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Equipped with digital pan/tilt functionality, you can adjust the fixed bullet camera vertically and horizontally between -90°and 90° from its location point. Fixed bullet cameras have higher resolution than fixed dome cameras, which means more detailed images when people walk close enough to your property. Infrared LED lights give these cameras excellent low-light visibility without compromising colour fidelity, even in poor lighting conditions. Fixed bullet cameras are best for large parking lots, storage rooms, and construction sites.

Axis Fixed Bullet Cameras

4. Axis PTZ Cameras

Axis PTZ Cameras-crop

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras are motorized units. Through software, a user can move the lens up, down, left, and right at 90◦ angles vertically and horizontally through software. This feature enables you to move the camera to desired locations as needed. For example, if you have a parking lot and want to focus on a certain area for the day, you can move the camera to that area and leave it recording and then move it elsewhere in the future. The AXIS 215 PTZ Network Camera (now replaced with the AXIS M5525-E PTZ) comes with 48x total zoom and 12x optical zoom, making it an excellent choice for monitoring a wide area.

The best applications for a PTZ camera are when live monitoring is required. For example, a security guard can use the PTZ camera to patrol outdoor spaces like parking lots or construction sites. A security guard can zoom in on an event and capture details such as vehicles, license plates, and people.

5. Axis Panoramic Cameras

Axis offers four different collections of panoramic cameras with a dozen models. The least expensive model is a single sensor camera that allows you to capture 360° or 180° overviews with no blind spots. Single-sensor cameras like the Axis M3057-PLVE Mk II Network Camera are ideal for small offices and spaces that require full coverage.

For seamless 180° coverage with great detail and minimal distortion, there is the Axis Multisensor line. These units combine multiple sensors with multiple lenses, all in one dome housing. And although they appear to be one camera, multisensor cameras give the impression that there are multiple cameras inside. The onboard software stitches all the images together, providing a seamless 180° view. Like the multisensor camera, the multidirectional camera also has multiple sensors in one housing but extends to a 360° view.

Axis Panoramic Cameras

A benefit of panoramic cameras is the ability to capture more areas with fewer cameras. You can save money because you need only one cable, one camera, and one camera license in some instances. As well, panoramic cameras are easier to install, saving you time. Axis panoramic cameras are ideal in places such as parking lots, traffic intersections, and manufacturing sites.

The benefit of a panoramic camera is that a single camera covers more area but only requires one cable, less installation hours, less hardware to maintain and one recording license.

6. Axis Thermal Cameras

Axis Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras record videos in complete darkness without the need for visible light. These cameras have special lenses that allow them to see heat patterns instead of colours so that they can provide you with a detailed view during the night.

Axis thermal cameras can detect body heat up to 500 meters away – perfect when you need to monitor large areas in total darkness. These cameras also feature special protection against dust and humidity. Users can use them both outside or inside their buildings/properties, no matter the weather conditions.

7. Axis Explosion Protected Cameras

These extremely high resistance Axis cameras are the ones you need if you intend to cover images in hazardous areas. They are 100% protected against potentially explosive environments. Explosion-protected cameras are made of materials like fibreglass polyester, aluminum, and stainless steel. They are typically resistant to unwanted accidents in the workplace while still maintaining the same steady position during any possible disastrous event. Places that are most typically suitable for explosion-protected cameras include manufacturing plants and industrial facilities.

Making Sense of Security Cameras

Security Cameras: The 6 Types You Need to Know About

Selecting the right security cameras for your business is as essential as the system you choose. By understanding the different kinds of security cameras available in the market, companies can make an informed decision that fits their budget and property needs.


Securing your facility with the right security cameras will protect your people and assets. Depending on the size and type of the space you need to monitor, you may need a mixture of cameras for the best coverage.

Axis collections of security cameras include fixed dome, box and bullet cameras. Their PTZ cameras are ideal when live monitoring an area, and Axis panoramic cameras are excellent for wide spaces where a 360° view is needed. For more specialized uses, look at Axis thermal and explosion-protected cameras. And get peace of mind when choosing Axis cameras as many of their products are backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Choosing the best security camera solution depends on the needs of your business. Whether you are looking for extra protection or monitoring your employees, Axis cameras can help keep your business property secure. As an authorized Canadian Axis dealer, we can answer your questions and design and install the right solution for your business.

Written by : Carlo Di Leo

At the age of 24, with no experience in the security industry or any money in the bank, Carlo quit his job and started Spotter Security from his parent's basement. Founded in 2004, Spotter grew from a single man operation into a multi-million dollar security system integrator that caters to businessess and construction sites across Canada.

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