A video surveillance system consists of good security cameras and a solid recording setup such as a DVR, NVR or VMS. Many options are available for businesses that support installations with a lower number of security cameras. Still, when camera count and needs start to grow, it is time to start investing in the right video management system (VMS). Milestone XProtect® is an excellent option because it can grow with your business, supports thousands of devices, and is user-friendly and accessible worldwide. If you already know what a VMS is, you will likely have heard of Milestone Systems. Founded in 1998, Milestone is a pioneer in open-platform and is an open-architecture VMS. Check out this video for an introduction to Milestone XProtect VMS.

Start Small, Grow Big with Milestone

In our experience, Milestone XProtect® VMS is a frontrunner when it comes to managing a large number of security cameras. It is available in five (5) different versions. There is a package suitable for every situation, from a few cameras to many. As businesses grow, there can be a need for more cameras and more functionality. Milestone has a solution that will fit your situation and budget.

XProtect Essential, Milestone’s free version of the VMS, can be downloaded now. This version supports recordings of up to 8 cameras, at a single site, with no restrictions. XProtect Essential is the perfect choice for small businesses, restaurants and retail, or companies looking to get started with a small number of cameras and no commitment.

Milestone XProtect Express+ can record up to 48 cameras at a single site for a modest cost. It is ideal for most businesses that are looking for a reliable video management system that provides a big step up from the average DVR or NVR.

Milestone XProtect Professional+ offers even more features and scalability with the ability to record an unlimited number of cameras, across multiple sites and servers, with multilayered maps. It also provides full alarm management capabilities. As well, centralized management provides managers with the ability to control users of the video management system. XProtect Professional+ is perfect for mid-size businesses, production plants, and companies with multiple locations.

For mid-size and large-scale security camera installations, XProtect Expert ensures end-to-end protection of your video surveillance footage while maximizing hardware performance. Central management, failover recording servers, and the option to add a video wall make it an ideal solution for customers looking for active live monitoring.

Milestone XProtect Corporate is the ideal solution for missioncritical installations, such as large-scale, highsecurity installations. Like XProtect Expert, Professional is best for cities, airports, prisons, and large-scale security camera systems.

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Freedom of Choice

Milestone XProtect VMS is a truly open platform video management system. It has a published application interface (API), which allows developers to alter its software functionality. Milestone allows you to add custom, best-in-class security solutions to your surveillance system, such as access control, cameras, and video analytics.

8500+ different camera models from 150+ manufacturers

Support for 8500+ different camera models,
from 150+ manufacturers

The most significant benefit to a business looking for video management software is having the option to use any security camera hardware. Milestone XProtect supports the widest devices, including more than 8000 security cameras, encoders, and digital video recorders (DVR) from over 150 manufacturers. With Milestone XProtect, you have the freedom to choose the best hardware according to your specific budget and needs.

Over the 17 years that Spotter has been in business, we have seen security cameras and manufacturers come and go. According to IPVM, companies that once were on top are no longer the front runners. Furthermore, the top security camera manufacturers like Axis, Hanwha, Avigilon, and Bosch, continue to evolve. With an open VMS such as Milestone XProtect, businesses can take advantage of an entire industry’s innovation, with the freedom to choose virtually any security camera.

Use this search tool to check if the IP cameras you want to use are on the 8500+ security cameras list.

Worldwide Access to a User-Friendly VMS

The larger the setup, the more challenging it can be to manage. Having many security cameras, recording on multiple servers, across various locations, with different users requiring access can be confusing. It is a whole new game when factoring in other countries.

Milestone Systems has been in business for over 21 years. They have over 500,000 installations across the world and support in 27 countries, which means you can easily find an XProtect integrator or solution provider in various cities around the globe. Installing a management server at one central location is a crucial benefit to Milestone XProtect Professional (and above). Now you have complete control of every camera setting, every user, and every recording server.

Further to this, Milestone’s Mapping feature provides a simple high-level overview of all your sites, recording servers, and security cameras. Finding cameras on the system is now simple and easy. And the smart map supports GIS maps and CAD drawings and online map servers like Google and Bing. All this integration makes it easy to navigate larger and dispersed installations. Operators can easily see the exact location of all connected cameras, including their field of view.

There is more to a security system than simply installing cameras. The larger the business, the more moving parts. For example, a manufacturing plant needs to ensure that the products are correctly made, without defects, are packaged properly, and loaded onto the truck securely. Or maybe a logistics and warehousing company needs to ensure that their part in the supply chain continues to move as efficiently as possible. Using cameras to keep the process moving is essential and ensures that everything is working.

A VMS like Milestone XProtect has the flexibility to grow with your business and provide the freedom to choose the camera equipment you want. And if you need support or help with installation, Milestone and its network of approved dealers are a phone call away, no matter where you are in the world.

Owned by Canon since 2014, Milestone Systems’ primary product, XProtect VMS, continues to be a leader in the industry. Spotter Security is an authorized Milestone XProtect dealer. Since 2008, we have installed thousands of cameras on the platform. To learn more about Milestone XProtect VMS or for a demo, contact our sales team for a no-obligation online design session. We can help you design, implement, and service your Milestone XProtect security camera solution.


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Written by : Carlo Di Leo

At the age of 24, with no experience in the security industry or any money in the bank, Carlo quit his job and started Spotter Security from his parent's basement. Founded in 2004, Spotter grew from a single man operation into a multi-million dollar security system integrator that caters to businessess and construction sites across Canada.

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