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Why Axis Cameras Are Great for Business Video Surveillance 

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Axis has been a pioneer in the video surveillance industry for a long time. They invented the first network camera back in 1996. Since then they have perfected IP surveillance solutions all over the world. 

Just the way physical security technology has evolved, security threats have expanded in parallel. Every  business needs to assess the effectiveness of their surveillance system installed. Not only do they help prevent theft and vandalism, but they also help resolve business disputes and provide crucial evidence during investigations.

Camera Solutions from Axis

Axis provides a diverse range of cameras regardless of lighting conditions and the size and characteristics of the monitored areas. And they do it while minimizing bandwidth and storage needs to give you an efficient surveillance system. The company takes pride in the HD image video surveillance quality their cameras provide.  

Different cameras are suitable for different business functions, but there is an Axis camera available for every scenario. Here are a few different cameras Axis provides: 

  1. Fixed box cameras record a precise area such as a security gate or a hallway. They provide a clearly visible, fixed angle of view and come with interchangeable lenses. The fixed box portfolio includes Axis M10, M11, P13 and Q 16 Network Camera series.  
  2. Modular cameras are small and flexible. They are designed for small spaces and are best suitable for discreet surveillance. They consist of two parts. The main unit does all the image processing and the sensor unit which gathers the image. The two units can be installed in separate locations. Modular cameras can also be bundled together for wider coverage. Included in this portfolio are the F series, FA series and P12 Network camera series.  
  3. Panoramic cameras cover a 180-degree or 360-degree field of view. They are ideal for monitoring areas with lot of people, like a retail or office floor. Axis camera software also allows auto-tracking. When the camera detects a moving object, it can automatically zoom in and follow the object. To learn which panoramic camera would best suit your location check out this video.  
  4. Thermal cameras can render good quality images even in the dark. They are also useful to see camouflaged objects. They are therefore very useful in remote video monitoring. A thermal camera is less sensitive to problems with light conditions, such as shadows, backlight, darkness and even camouflaged objects; and delivers images that allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity – 24 hours a day. Axis Q19, Q29 Temperature Alarm Camera Series, Q86 PT Thermal and Q87 Bispectral PTZ network camera series are the most popular thermal cameras available for businesses 
  5. Fixed bullet cameras are the smaller version of the fixed box camera. They are inexpensive and ready for use straight out of the box. They cover a fixed area and are suitable for offices, homes, and car parks. The built-in IR illumination helps you protect your premises, indoor or outdoor, around the clock. The M20, Q17 and P14 Network camera series are the bullet cameras Axis offers.  
  6. Fixed dome cameras are compact and unobtrusive. The outer dome hides the direction the camera is pointing. It also protects the camera from impacts as well as defocusing and redirection. Many retail stores use fixed dome cameras to monitor the department floor.  The Axis M30, M31, M42, P32, P33, P37, P3807-PVE, P39, P91, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q8414-LVS are the cameras in this portfolio. 
  7. PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras are fully maneuverable and provide wide coverage. These cameras are ideal for areas with an active operator monitoring the camera. The operator can zoom in on any potential threat in the area. The camera can also be set to move in a fixed pattern. 

Apart from these, Axis has a lot of other cameras to help businesses provide physical security to their property, customers and employees. Moreover, if a company requires surveillance cameras that aren’t met by the standard series, custom options can be developed too. For a comprehensive Axis camera list, click here. 

Fixed Box Camera
Wireless security cameras

Why Choose Axis?

Axis IP cameras provide great image quality in just about any lighting conditions. They can deliver 4K image resolution and support the SMPTE standard. 

 They use progressive scanning which makes it easier to observe moving objects. Unlike analog cameras which use interlaced scanning. They are also able to compensate for poor lighting conditions.  

 There are a range of options available such as Axis Lightfinder which can see colors in extremely dark conditions. There is also Forensic Wide Dynamic Range which brings up detail in images that have both dark and light areas. Optimized Infrared can record great images even in complete darkness. 

 Axis cameras are a reliable choice for small, medium or large businesses. They are great quality and trusted by the industry.  Axis invests a lot of time and money into research and development. Their IP cameras are synonymous with quality and are used by many businesses in many countries.  

Other than IP cameras Axis also produces Axis NVR (Network Video Recorders), Video Management software, access control technology and other Axis Camera Companion products. Just like the network cameras, these products follow the best industry standards too.  

In addition, the easy accessibility of Axis support, make the company one of the best security camera manufacturers in the world for business security.  


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