Custom Security Solutions to Protect Businesses in Montreal

Spotter Security provides custom designed Video Surveillance camera Systems, Access Control Solutions, Construction Site Video Monitoring and other latest security systems for businesses in Montreal. Our happy customers range from commercial plazas, data centers, manufacturing plants, warehouse & logistics companies, retail stores, education institutes, commercial properties and many other businesses.

Montreal is the most populous municipality in the Canadian Province of Quebec and the second-most populous municipality in Canada.  Historically it was the commercial capital of Canada before Toronto surpassed it in population and economic strength in the 70s. Montreal remains an important center of commerce, aerospace, transport, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, education, art, culture, tourism, food, fashion, gaming, film, and world affairs.

With a large and dense population, it is no surprise that Montreal suffers from crimes ranging from vandalism, break-ins, theft to more serious crimes like murder and assault. According to official police reports, crimes in Montreal went way up in 2018 (source). Businesses suffer financially from crimes that range from internal theft, external theft or vandalism. In addition to increasing costs, decreasing profits, creating unnecessary delay in operations, such crimes can also harm businesses in the long run by tarnishing their reputation.

There are several security solutions available to prevent such crimes from occurring at any business premise. How well protected is your business?

We Understand Security for your Business in Montreal

Here are the Security Solutions we provide for Businesses in Montreal.

  1. Video Surveillance System
  2. Access Control System
  3. Remote Video Monitoring
  4. Construction Site Security
  5. Intelligent Video Analytics

Spotter Security also specializes in setting up of Electromagnetic Locks (Maglocks) in industrial and corporate buildings. Maglocks do not deal with handles, levers, or door knobs on a door; a release button or fob key cuts the lock’s power supply. This makes these locks well suited for high security applications and best fit for emergency exit doors as they have no moving parts, therefore they are least likely to fail. When installing an electromagnetic lock (AKA maglock), make sure you get the municipality’s permit.

High Definition Video Surveillance for Montreal businesses

Video surveillance systems have become a necessity for businesses in Montreal. Recording activity 24/7 at your business with an HD IP Video Surveillance system and ensuring that you are protected against crime, theft, and liability issues is our goal.

Spotter has been providing Video surveillance services for businesses for more than a decade. Our video surveillance services range from analong, IP systems, intelligent video analytics, hybrid systems and cloud based systems. When designing a surveillance system for any business we focus on customizing the right solution based on each businesses’ unique needs. We only use industry tested equipment and software to design a system. Once installation is complete we also check our system periodically to ensure it is always up and running.

To learn more about video surveillance click here.

Access Control Systems at your business

Access Control Systems with keyless door entry in your facilities is a major part of protecting your business. In addition to regulating access to your building, an access control system enables you to restrict entry to sensitive areas inside with higher security needs such as control rooms, server rooms, inventory storage areas, etc. Installing an Access Control system for a business in Montreal will help track the flow of people in and out of your location.

To learn more about Access Control Systems, Click Here

Live Video Monitoring for Construction sites in Montreal

Spotter Security has been providing Video Monitoring Solutions for construction sites and businesses for more than a decade. We can replace security guards at your business and help you save up to 40% on your overall security costs. Whether it’s replacing the security guard at your gate, watching a storage yard at night, or controlling a door at your business, Spotter Security can help you spot the risk and pick the proper solution.

We specialize in providing security at your construction site. Having a security guard at your site is costly and on top of that, a security guard can only be in one place at a time. Due to this, it may take a significant amount of time for a guard to navigate through a construction site. Spotter Security’s cost-effective solution provides Video Monitoring Systems for many construction sites. We strategically place our cameras near storage areas, access points, rooftops, entry zones, and any other high-risk points. Our cameras are monitored remotely by security professionals in real time, making sure your business is safe from any misconduct, robbery, or liability issues.

To learn more about Video Monitoring for Construction Sites, Click Here.

Contact information for Fire and Police in Montreal

Montreal Police Service Montreal Fire Services 
Non-Emergency line (514) 280-2000(514) 872-0311
Address1441 St Urbain St,

Montreal, QC H2X 2M6

1212 Drummond St,

Montreal, QC H3G 1V7

False Security Alarms* Can Cost Your Montreal Business

Did you know that over 98% of alarms are false? Some people still think that a false alarm is better than no alarm. But that’s not the case. When an alarm goes off and police are dispatched, Police charges per false alarm.

This has led to most police services in Canada to make video verification for alarm systems mandatory, meaning that regular alarm systems simply are not cutting it for protection anymore.

Spotter puts the power back into having an alarm system by only installing video verified systems, meaning that you will get the security you need without worrying about the hassle caused by false alarms! Spotter Security can provide a video monitoring solution for your business in Montreal that will ensure for you faster police response, reduce false alarms, and save you money.

More information about false alarms in Montreal can be found by clicking here.

*What is a Security Alarm?
Security Alarms are a system integrated into residential, commercial, industrial, military buildings, or datacenters designed to detect unauthorized access. These alarms protect properties from theft, burglary or property damage and provide personal protection against intruders. Like car alarms, security alarms show a correlation with decreased crime.


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