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Access Control System to Control Who Enters Your Building

Easily Manage Doors Inside and Out from Anywhere With a Customized System 


What is an Access Control System?

Access control systems provide, convenient access to persons who are authorized, while restricting access to any unauthorized persons.  For any company, physical security is a top priority and a well-designed access control system is one of the most efficient ways to achieve your security objectives. With quality equipment and professional installation, it is easy to use and can give you the right balance between safety and convenience.

Components of Access Control Systems

Components of access control systems

Access credentials:

This is the electronic version of the “key” that you present to the system and after verification, unlocks the door.  access credentials range from access cards, key fobs, smartphone credentials or biometric (finger print, retina) or a combination of two for additional security.  Each access credential can be programmed to have its own unique code. This will allow the administrator to control access for each individual, easily turning access on and off at different times or at different areas of the building.

access credentials
Card reader and keypad

Card reader and keypad:

The card reader is the device that will read access cards or other credentials in order to grant access. There are different types of card readers, some requiring card insertion, some requiring swipes, and some only needing access credential to pass in proximity to the reader. Card readers are typically mounted on the door or next to the door that they control, so the number of card readers an access control system contains will depend on the number of doorways to which you require restricted access.

Some also have a keypad and require the user to enter a PIN to open the door instead of presenting an access card or keyfob. But PINs are easily transferable and are not as secure as biometics or mobile apps or other credentials. To increase the security of keypads, multi-factor authentication may be used – it may be combined with one other credential to make entry more secure.

Access Management Dashboard:

This is a portal where your security administrator will set the list of users who will be allowed to enter each door. In a high security area, you may want to only grant access to a few employees. At this portal you can also set parameters under which you want the grant door access to certain employees. For example, you can give the dashboard instructions to not open the door when an employee’s shift ends.

door lock and hardware

Door locks and hardware and cabling:

Electric door locks may range from electric strikes, maglocks (electromagnetic), electric exit devices etc. The type of door lock is best determined based on the construction of each door. Your installation of door locking mechanism should always comply with your building and fire codes and never prevents employees from freely exiting the building at any time.  Door locks are powered by low voltage cabling that need to be planned before installing the system.

Access control field Panel:

This is the intelligent controller all the locks, card readers and all other component devices are wired to. When a valid credential is presented at the door reader, the panel receives the request to unlock the door.

Server computer

Server computer:

This does the “thinking” for the access control system.  The server computer hosts the required software application. It is a dedicated standard computer that acts as the central database and file manager for the system. It records access related activities and distributes information to/from field panels.  But you may not require a server if you are hosting your access control system in the cloud – we will touch on that in one moment.


Our Service Attracts Customers

“When the technicians came on site, they did a fast, clean and amazing job.”

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Protect your business and employees with a professionally installed access control system that is easy to use and can grow with your business.

access control hosting options

Types of Access Control Systems 

Once you have identified which points you need to control access to, the first step is to decide where you want to host your access control system. Your database, which is where you set door schedules, grant user access, manage doors etc., is the brain behind your access control system. You can choose to host this database locally on a server, in the cloud or a hybrid solution in between.

These access control hosting systems vary in the level of involvement you need to have with maintenance of the system. The cloud-based system is fully managed by your service provider and you do not need to worry about updating software, malware protection, backups etc. A server-based access control system is hosted by you and you are responsible for system maintenance. The main advantage is that there are no monthly fees after the installation cost. The hybrid solution is a mix of both systems and depending on the exact structure, the cost and flexibility varies.

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4 Simple Steps to Secure your doors

Step 1

Contact us

Step 2

We’ll look at your layout and design a solution

Step 3

We’ll Install, service and maintain the system for you

Step 4

Your site will be better secured


Do you know who is in your building and where they are?

  • Do you need to schedule a door to unlock?
  • Concerned about unwanted visitors entering?
  • Want to track who is coming in?
  • Struggling to control access to sensitive areas?
  • Do you have employees that need access anytime?
  • Need to get notified about doors left open?

“Spotter is phenomenal to deal with. Our J. Davis House site has been very well taken care of by their camera security system during the construction phase. They have 2 stations setup at opposite corners of the site and has been very effective at detecting trespassers during non working hours. It is great that they keep our site updated on the suspicious activities during our excavation, shoring, and forming phase. We will definitely keep recommending Spotter Security and use them for our next projects.”

– Jason Y@ Mattamy Homes

What Makes Spotter Security Different?

At Spotter Security we know that you want to protect your building and provide a safe work environment. In order to do that, you need to be able to secure and monitor doors into your building and restrict employee access to different areas.

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The problem is you don’t know what type of access control system to buy and what areas to secure which makes you feel vulnerable. We believe your staff should feel safe knowing that only authorized personnel can enter the building and doors are locked for unknown visitors.

We understand. We’ve talked to a lot of companies who aren’t secured properly and don’t know that there are different access control options. We’ve installed access control on thousands of doors. We make sure that you have a system that gives you the coverage you need, is easy to use and can last a long time.

3 simple steps to securing your doors:
1. Contact Us
2. We look at the layout of your facility and help you plan which doors to control
3. We will design, install, and maintain the system for you

Contact Us to setup a quick online design session and in the meantime download this PDF on the top 5 things you should know when purchasing an access control system.

So you can stop worrying who is entering your building and instead know that you have an access control system that is keeping unwanted visitors outside.

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