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Access Control System to Manage Who Enters Your Building

We Design and Install Access Control Systems so You can Easily Manage Employees and Visitors

What is an Access Control System?

An Access Control System is what a business uses to manage their people and doors. It’s annoying to get phsyical keys cut and hand them out to your employees.  Then you have to make sure that someone is always there in the mornings and evenings to unlock or lock the doors.  Get rid of that unsettling feeling of not knowing how many copies of your keys are floating around. With an access control system, you can get rid of your keys and assign electronic credentials to your employees. The result is full control of your doors through your computer or an app on your phone.

Struggling to Control Your Doors?

  • Do you need to schedule a door to unlock?
  • Concerned about unwanted visitors entering?
  • Want to track who is coming in?
  • Struggling to control access to sensitive areas?
  • Do you have employees that need access anytime?
  • Need to get notified about doors left open?

There’s so many Solutions,​
Which one is right for you?​

access control System

Smaller Facility​​

I want to secure under
​10 Doors and will be managing ​
the system myself.

Single Site  or Multiple Sites

Access Control System

Medium Size Facility​​​

I need to secure 10-20 doors
​and a few people that will
​need to manage the system

Medium to large business

Access Control System

Large Facility​​

I need to secure a lot of doors.
​I may start small but expand across
​different sites. I have a lot of questions​

Medium to large business with complicated needs

Access Control Guide

Let Spotter guide you to the same access control solutions
used by small businesses, large enterprise, and some
of the world’s top brands

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Access Control System Cologix
Access Control System Brainstation
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Kisko Freezies

Components of an Access Control System

Choose from Card Readers, Keypads, or Fingerprint readers.

  • Mounted onto the wall or door frame
  • The reader sends the card information to the panel
  • Combine card, keypad, and fingerprint

Replace your keys with an Electronic Credential

  • Choose between a card, key fob, smart phone or fingerprint
  • Assign a credential to each employee or contractor
  • Deterine the access level of each person

Use you computer or an app to control your doors

  • Program groups with access to different doors
  • Create schedules to auto lock or unlock doors
  • Easily revoke access at any time

Replace your current locks with Electronic Locks

Choose the right Panel for your System:

  • The readers and electronic locks connect to the panel
  • All programmed information is stored on the panel

Choose where you want your data to be hosted:

  • Software based access control requires a server
  • Hybrid cloud access control requires an appliance
  • Or put all your data in the cloud
Access Control System

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