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We can help you design and install an Access Control System for your Medium-Large Enterprise

Are you looking for an Enterprise Access Control System?

We get it, you want the right access control system for your corporation. Security for small business is not the same as it is for large enterprise.  Your needs are different, and you want to make sure that you invest in the right solution that will grow with your organization.  You have many doors to manage, different locations, and a large number of employees to track.

The Problem is…​

There’s too many Access Control Systems to Choose From ​

You don’t want something that your company will outgrow​​

You’re not a technology expert and you don’t know what’s best​

You want to make the investment once and not make a mistake

What You get with an Enterprise Access Control System




Access Control that will Go where your Business is Going​

An Enterprise Access Control System has no limits when it comes to growth. Choose the amount of doors and locations you want to secure today and rest easy knowing that you can expand whenever your are ready.​

Centralized Management​​

Manage all your Doors, People, and Locations​​

With a enterprise Access Control System, you can manage everything from your web-browser. Furthermore, you can setup other users in a tiered-administration so that individual’s can manage their own locations.​

Unified Platform​

One Platform to Manage All your Security

Managing security for a large enterprise is easier when everything is in one place. Connect cameras, access control, and alarms under one centrally controlled network.

Access Control Guide

Let Spotter guide you to the same security solutions
used by other large corporations including some
of the world’s top brands

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Getting your access control right is simple

Together we’ll protect your Organization

Contact Us

We’ll answer all your questions and help you design the right solution

Get a Design

Get a drawing with an itemized quote so you know exactly what your paying for

Protect Your Site

Have us install it, get trained, and rest knowing that you made the right choice

“Spotter Security has serviced our plant for many years…. We have always received top quality service”

Houman Ebrahim-Pour-Arian @ PepsiCo

Why work with Spotter Security?

The market is flooded with security solutions, inflated with false claims on how to catch criminals. Most manufacturers are better at marketing than they are at creating security that works. Unfortuntately, many people find this out the hard way and it sucks.  

It’s wrong for people to take your Security dollars and yet get you no results!

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Being in the security industry for over 15 years, we get it. For most people, buying a security solution is not fun.  It's not that exciting to have to spend money on technology that doesn’t generate profit.

If you call Spotter Security you will:

  • 1. Free consultation and demo on the security solution that will fix your problem
  • 2. Professionally designed system with a drawing and itemized quote
  • 3. Clean and professionally installed solution with training
  • 4. Reliable ongoing support and service after it's installed

So you can stop spending time looking for a Security Solution and instead be worry free knowing that your building is secure.

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