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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from being in the security industry for over a decade, it’s that there’s no shortage of trouble for businesses.

From construction sites to office buildings, retail stores, schools, data centres and even oil and gas operations, the threat of break-ins, vandalism, sabotage and other security risks are very real.

Unfortunately, keeping your business safe and secure isn’t always easy. Do you hire on-site security staff or do you invest in security hardware? Are you breaking any fire codes by keeping that exit door locked? Are you sure your security cameras will capture the detail you need if an incident occurs? Will they even be recording?

As business owners, you need to be able to spot trouble before it spots you!

Spotter takes the hassle out of security by providing our customers with real-time, fully-automated security solutions that can be monitored and managed remotely for optimal protection.

We’ll come to your premises and do a complete security audit, identify your weak spots, and then build a security system tailored specifically for you—not just provide out of the box solutions.

Our comprehensive and cost-effective solutions ensure that your business will always be guarded against any trouble that comes your way without the need for having expensive on-site security guards, or needing an engineering degree to use!

Spotter provides our clients with a full range of security services so that our team of security experts can keep a watchful eye on your business when you’re not around to do so. We will monitor for suspicious activity, fire, and keep watch over valuable equipment and inventory. If anything seems out of the ordinary, we’ll alert you and the authorities to make sure that those responsible are apprehended.

And if anything were to happen, you can have a high-quality, high-definition video record of the incident to help you make your case against the perpetrators!

It’s time for you to spot the difference between us and our competitors by seeing what Spotter can do for you!

Let us spot trouble before it spots you!


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