Avigilon not only makes great security cameras, but they also have a strong, mature video management software called Avigilon Control Center (or ACC).  Available in Core, Standard and Enterprise editions, each target different sizes of business with differing security needs. 

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 is the latest and most advanced version of video management software from the security hardware and software manufacturer Avigilon. Based on AI powered analytics, its main enhancement is in how it draws user’s attention to active camera feeds in live video monitoring with the new “focus of attention” feature.

Focus of Attention is the flagship feature available on Avigilon ACC 7. Rather than watching static video feeds, Focus of Attention uses artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Avigilon self-learning video analytics and Unusual Motion Detection technologies to determine what information is important and should be presented to security operators.

In summary, while monitoring, the interface draws the user’s attention to the camera feeds where there are changes in activity or unusual activity instead of giving all camera feeds equal importance. This reduces the risk of overlooking a critical event in a large camera system.

This feature changes the way that medium to large sites can be monitored using a single screen. It helps increase operator effectiveness by providing an overview of events occurring across all cameras in the site, including Avigilon analytic events, Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) events, motion events and alarms.

Avigilon ACC 7 “focus of attention” feature offers a new perspective on video security systems to make larger systems more efficient, even with a limited number of operators. This has practical implications for businesses.

Accurately Detect Safety Procedure Violations with Avigilon ACC 7

With Avigilon AI enabled “Focus of Attention” you can get notified about unusual activity happening within your plant or warehouse. The cameras will automatically learn what a typical day looks like within its view and when something is out of the ordinary it will trigger an alert. That alert can either be emailed to you, pop up on a live screen, or even set off an audible sound. Users can set up motion configuration parameters to gain situational awareness from their video.

A great practical example of how this can be implemented – if the standard operational procedure is to use a forklift to add or remove objects from the racks and all of a sudden someone puts a ladder against the rack to climb up, you can get an alert sent to you. The system is sensitive enough to be able to distinguish between the forklift and a person on a ladder. It can be trained to alert you when there are operational policy violations.

Increase security of your premises

With Focus of Attention and Unusual Motion Detection, you will be able to have your attention drawn to things that may otherwise have been missed. Get an alert about unauthorized vehicles entering and loitering within an unused portion of your parking lot. Algorithms can be set up based on speed, direction, time of day etc. If any of the set parameters are violated, alarms will pop-up on your security control dashboard or be sent to you directly.

Unusual motion detection can be viewed live and counteractive measures can be immediately deployed. Through the new interface, Avigilon ACC 7 software offers an exponential increase in the number of cameras that a single operator can monitor.

Save time by quickly finding the video you need

With more powerful than ever AI based video analytics, video searches have become even more accurate. The search feature enables investigators to sort through hours of video footage with ease and quickly locate a person or vehicle of interest across an entire site. The search engine recognizes characteristics of a person’s face to find matches, even if the person’s clothing changes over time. Using Avigilon Appearance Search technology can dramatically improve incident response time.

A few last things you may wish to know about Avigilon ACC 7 – the interface can be switched to the dark mode for easier viewing in dark rooms like Security Operation Centers. The light and dark UI themes feature is designed to create less strain on the eye in dark viewing environments with different lighting conditions.

Avigilon ACC 7 runs optimally on windows 10, meaning for best user experience, you will have to upgrade your operating system before switching to the new version.

Avigilon is offering free license upgrades till end of 2019 for the following:

  • Any system using Avigilon ACC Core Edition
  • Any Avigilon ES Camera (H4 ES) or Avigilon ES Server (AIA, RPA, and RPO devices)
  • New channels purchased after November 15, 2018
  • Channels upgraded to Avigilon ACC 6 after October 4, 2018
  • POS (Point of Sale) Licenses
  • LPR (License Plate Recognition) licenses
  • Failover (-FO) Licenses

Even Avigilon ACC 5 Core can be directly upgrade to ACC 7 Core at no cost. No license needs to be ordered. There is no need to install ACC 6 in any part of the upgrade process to ACC7 from ACC5. Avigilon ACC5 end of life meaning all systems need to be upgraded.

To summarize, ACC 7 software provides an easy-to-use, AI-enabled user interface to help ensure critical events do not go unnoticed. Installation is made easy with smart technology that allows ACC 7 to automatically detect and set up your cameras within its video management interface. Avigilon ACC 7 continues its previous versions (ACC 6) broad feature support providing an easy-to-navigate, functional user interface. The analytic support is as good as ever making searching for events very easy. Watch this short video from Avigilon that summarizes the new features.

To learn more about Avigilon click here or to upgrade your existing system contact us.