If safeguarding sensitive information or expensive equipment is essential to your business’s success, consider adding an access control system. With an access control system, you can grant or deny access to critical areas while allowing your employees to go where they need to go. A great option is Brivo Access.

Brivo is a cutting-edge unified technology framework that incorporates physical access control and video surveillance. As an authorized dealer since 2008, Spotter Security has installed over 500 doors with Brivo access control. Our customers love Brivo because it is easy to use and is hassle-free. It can be accessed from anywhere and requires minimal service costs with minimal replacements.

Brivo Pass
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Brivo is a leading provider of cloud-based access control services. Their mission is to provide Simply Better Security Solutions that improve user experiences for property managers, tenants, employees, and visitors. The Brivo Access control system allows you to remotely track, manage, and control your facilities and provides a protected physical access management solution across the cloud. With Brivo Access, you have access to everything from opening doors to capturing surveillance footage to granting access permits to new workers and contractors. And with add-ons such as Brivo Mobile Pass, Brivo Visitor Management, and Brivo Access Cam, you can build a security system that fits your business needs.

Unlock Doors Using Brivo Mobile Pass

Brivo Mobile Pass is a mobile credential that allows users to unlock doors using their smartphones. Brivo’s Mobile Pass application, which is available on both iOS and Android, revolutionizes physical security by providing access control via smartphones without the need for new door readers. Brivo Mobile Pass is a mobile companion to physical keycards and readers. It is compatible with current door reader systems.

Brivo Mobile Pass

Brivo Mobile Pass is part of the Brivo On Air network and is a cloud-based mobile credential system. The Brivo On Air administrator chooses a user and sends an email invitation to Brivo Mobile Pass. To activate Brivo Mobile Pass on their phone, the user clicks the “Add” button in the email. The user can now open doors as they would with a keycard, but Brivo’s cloud authentication is far more secure because it is cloud-based. The administrator can revoke Brivo Mobile Passes at any time, just like with keycards.

Track People using Brivo Visitor Management

Brivo Visitor is a visitor management solution for commercial properties that use kiosks businesses to track people coming to their office. Brivo Visitor integrates with Brivo’s flagship OnAir access control platform and provides guest identity and photo capture, delivery management, arrival notifications, badge printing, customizable workflows, and data journaling to the same centralized database. Administrators can simplify security and enforcement by integrating visitor management and access control in a single solution, which offers a safe, simplified visitor experience. The product improves protection in multi-tenant commercial buildings, standalone offices, and private company suite reception areas.

And with Brivo Visitor Management, as an extension of Brivo Access, all your employees in the database. When a visitor arrives, they can pick the person they are visiting from the database. The system will automatically send an email to the employee. With the tap of a button, the employee can issue the visitor a mobile pass, which allows you to keep track of where the visitor is going throughout their stay.

And with Brivo Visitor Reporting, you can construct your own interactive COVID-19 screening process. You can create a customized questionnaire about your visitors’ health during the guest check-in process, which can help you decide whether a visitor poses a possible health risk.

Brivo - Visitor Management

Data integration is built into Brivo Visitor, working seamlessly with the customer’s core enterprise security systems. Visitor control is part of the same site and mobile device suite that customers already know.

Brivo Access Cam

Brivo Access Cam

At Spotter Security, we know that you want to be sure your entire facility is protected from front to back. To do that, you need to have a reliable video surveillance system with the right cameras for each area of your facility that will grow with your business. The Brivo Access Cam is a flexible camera-to-cloud recording system that provides real-time views of a facility. The Brivo Access Cam simplifies incident investigations by linking access control incidents to video. Your video is saved in the cloud for remote access and loss prevention with this solution.

Businesses of all sizes need access control systems to protect confidential information. With an access control system like Brivo Access, access control and video monitoring integrate into a single user interface. Make the most of your Brivo solution with add-ons such as Brivo Mobile, Brivo Visitor Management and Brivo Access Cam.

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