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We Design and Install Security Camera, Access Control, and Live Video Monitoring Solutions

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Are you looking for better physical security?

We get it, you want the right physical security solution so you can avoid future problems. The result of a vulnerable property is unexpected costs that you don’t need. But designing the right system is not easy and there’s too many to choose from.  You don’t want to end up wasting money on something that doesn’t work.

Avoid the Security
System Money Pit​

Don’t Waste Money on Solutions that Don’t Work​



Low Price Purchase​​

Most businesses that purchase a security solution based on price alone, end up feeling let down

Choose based on manufacturer experience


Reactive Purchase​​​

Many businesses purchase after an incident occurs and make a reactive decision

Take your time, do your homework


Overspend Purchase​​

When you focus on features rather than solution, the result is overspending on the wrong system

If it doesn’t solve a problem, don’t buy it

It’s wrong for people to take your Security dollars
and yet get you no results!​


How do you want to protect your business ?

Record, manage, and monitor
surveillance footage at your facility

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Allow only authorized
personnel access to your business

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CCTV Systems

Record all events at your site
and have us watch your cameras at night

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Do you feel like you site is vulnerable?

  • Confused about which security system to choose?

  • Looking to track who’s entering your building?

  • Need a way to ensure safety procedures are followed?

  • Is it time to upgrade your security cameras?

  • Worried about equipment or material stored outside?

  • Concerned about unwanted visitors to your site?

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Let Spotter guide you to the same security solutions
used by businesses, construction companies, and some
of the world’s top brands

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“Continuously provide prompt and thorough support”

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“Spotter has excellent and friendly technicians”


“Our site has been very well taken care of by Spotter Security”

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Getting your physical security right is simple

Together we’ll protect your Business

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We’ll answer all your questions and help you design the right solution

Get a Design

Get a drawing with an itemized quote so you know exactly what your paying for

Protect Your Site

Have us install it, get trained, and rest knowing that you made the right choice

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Why work with Spotter Security?

The market is flooded with security solutions, inflated with false claims on how to catch criminals. Most manufacturers are better at marketing than they are at creating security that works. Unfortuntately, many people find this out the hard way and it sucks.  

It’s wrong for people to take your Security dollars and yet get you no results!

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Being in the security industry for over 15 years, we get it. For most people, buying a security solution is not fun.  It's not that exciting to have to spend money on technology that doesn’t generate profit.

If you call Spotter Security you will get a:

  • 1. Free consultation and demo on the security solution that will fix your problem
  • 2. Professionally designed system with a drawing and itemized quote
  • 3. Clean and professionally installed solution with training
  • 4. Reliable ongoing support and service after it's installed

So you can stop spending time looking for a Security Solution and instead be worry free knowing that your building is secure.

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